June 15 2021

Win Pre-IDO Allocation💎

Win Pre-IDO Allocation

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<text-h2>Join the ‘DJs of DeFi’ for a chance to win allocation and receive your own DJ Avatar by helping us build the hottest tribe in DeFi. <text-h2>


  • Follow all four steps for a chance to win a highly oversold allocation.
  • 15 winners are granted a guaranteed allocation, Pre-IDO.
  • IDO taking place Q3 2021 (launch date TBD).
  • This is NOT a giveaway or airdrop.

Warning: Winners will only be contacted through AmaZix moderators on our Official Discord. Beware of scammers.

We are the team behind CDz.Exchange, the DJs of DeFi, and we are building a next level DeFi cross-chain derivatives DEX built on Binance Smart Chain. We are unlocking a multi-trillion dollar crypto derivatives (CDs) market through fast and frictionless CDs trading. Our platform enables fast and low-cost swaps, liquidity mining, staking and trading that leverages the expansive cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

With our upcoming IDO, we want to give our growing community as much of a chance as possible to participate and engage with building the hottest 🔥 DeFi platform of 2021. This Pre-IDO Community Build is the roots of what will become the sickest, most dope AF tribe, the DJs of DeFi. To have a meaningful product, you need a solid community.

<text-h2>Who are the DJs of DeFi (DoD) and what are we trying to do?<text-h2>

By building the dopest community, not only are you helping launch CDzExchange but you will get early access to our future projects.

CDzExchange ($CDZ) is the first of our projects. Others will soon be announced. You are helping build a community that rocks not only in the bull markets but dominate in bear markets too. We ape in all conditions as we share valuable content and opportunities across the industry. Bulls make money, bears make money… pigs get made into crispy bacon 🐖 🤤

Winners of the Pre-IDO Community Build will get guaranteed allocation during our IDO launch event along with the top winners receiving custom-made avatars in reward for helping us lead our community of DJs.

<text-h2>Rules & Entries Criteria:<text-h2>

  1. ✅ Follow on Twitter Follow the official Twitter account 🐦
  2. ✅ Retweet about winning a Pre-IDO Allocation
    Help others learn about CDzExchange, retweet this post 🔥
  3. ✅ Join Telegram Join the official Telegram chat 🚀
  4. ✅ Create your own DeFi DJ profile on our official Discord Server 🎧

Winners will be picked based on their ability to embrace the DoD ethos and help us build some sick AF content.

This entire campaign has a total of 4 steps to complete. We have auto-bots that will be tracking winners according to their contribution to the community build. We don’t give private sale allocations lightly. Think like you’re one of our star KOLs and you’ll be on the right path.

Show us you’re in it to win it. Be a DeFi DJ. We are building a crew of passionate DJs that can contribute to the overall growth and awareness of DeFi. You want to be part of the DoD? Have a sick DJ name and build a profile worthy of the name. Use your imagination, if you don’t have an alter ego, this is your chance to build something people will recognise and engage with.

Winners will be selected according to their participation, fulfilling the objective measures outlined as well as the team’s subjective criteria of involvement, i.e. we’ll focus on the quality of engagement and sniff out any list-ticking bounty hunters and lame bots.

<text-h2>Let’s talk $CDZ 💿💿💿<text-h2>

We have 15 total allocations for winners:

  • 🏆 Top 3 winners earn $1,000 allocation each for a total of $3,000 ($CDZ at $0.15 CDZ/USD private sale price)
  • 🏆 Top 3 winners will also earn custom-made avatars from our award-winning 3D design team
  • 🏆 12 winners earn $200 allocation each for a total of $2,400 ($CDZ at $0.18 CDZ/USD public sale price)

<text-h3>$CDZ Allocations<text-h3>

The 3 allocations at private sale prices will be subject to lockups, same as private investors. The 12 allocations at public sale prices will be subject to the same conditions as public sale terms.

<text-h3>Custom-made 3D Avatars<text-h3>

The top 3 winners will get custom 3D avatars made by former Snapchat design team members. Outside of the core DoD team, you will be the first dubbed DJs of DeFi and invited to join us on one of our bi-weekly livestream shows. Using your very own avatar, we’ll talk about all things DeFi and crypto. https://www.djsofdefi.com/


To give everyone a chance throughout the campaign, winners will be announced in 3 separate stages in the lead up to IDO (some may become aware of the campaign later than announced) To ensure positive growth, we will give clear feedback about what we love and encourage more, as well as steer away from things we consider out of bounds.

Stage 1: Our first hand-selected early winners announced, 25 June.

Stage 2: Additional winners announced, 5 July.

Stage 3: Final list of winners announced, 1 week before IDO (TBA).

<text-h3>What if you don’t win one of the allocations? <text-h3>

You are helping to build a tribe, we will reward all those who earnestly participate. We’ll outline these opportunities in our soon to be released ‘Ambassador’ initiative to join the DoD.

<text-h3>I want an avatar too!<text-h3>

Eventually, we want everyone who is part of the DoD to have their own avatar (should they want one). One of our future projects (very soon!) will give all DoD tribe the opportunity to get their own. Hint (begins with N, middle letter F, ends with T).

<text-h3>When IDO?<text-h3>

Q3 2021. Details TBA.

Welcome any and all new DJs to DoD and CDzExchange. Let’s get after it DJs!

<text-h3>Have feedback, suggestions or questions?<text-h3>

Reach out on any of our socials or email us at contact@cdz.exchange, please title with ‘Community Build’.

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