July 1

New Tokenomics Announcement!

CDz launches next tokenomics

2 min read

<text-h2> $CDZ will launch a $99K initial market cap IDO, one of the lowest in the market <text-h2>

IDOs have seen transformative ways for blockchain projects to engage with the community. Call it a Microcap or perhaps a Nanocap? CDzExchange is paving the way for a new class of microcaps. We are excited to announce that we will be the first to launch a $99K initial market cap for the upcoming IDO in late July. In the world of DeFi, you stay in the game or it’s game over.

<text-h2> Why did CDzExchange update their tokenomics? <text-h2>

  • Many projects are doomed to fail because of weak tokenomics design. Markets change very rapidly and so must projects in the interest of their community.
  • To swiftly adapt to the fast-paced DeFi market, we have decided to adjust our tokenomics. After many rounds of discussions, we are excited to announce our $99K initial IDO market cap to keep advancing in alignment with our roadmap.
  • The updated tokenomics is designed to better allow all stakeholders, both public and private sale investors, to participate in the IDO. Our $99K initial IDO market cap has been refined to further reduce selling pressure on DEX listing.
  • To better incentivise liquidity providers and stakers, the LP rewards pool has increased from 30% to 40%. This means that more $CDZ will be allocated towards LPs and staking rewards.
  • CDzExchange will be launching on one of the biggest IDO launchpads in late July.
  • More details on the IDO will be released as we inch closer to the launch date including public sale price, release schedule and how to win allocation.

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