July 9

Master Ventures x CDzExchange Partnership

Master Ventures x CDz

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<text-h2> Master Ventures invests into CDzExchange to support the growth of crypto derivatives and cross-chain DeFi. <text-h2>

Over the past years, the crypto derivatives (CDs) markets have exploded, with over US$100 billion of these derivatives traded, rivaling the current daily volume traded in the New York Stock Exchange. According to a recent study by Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab, the trading volume of cryptocurrency derivatives has now exceeded that of the underlying spot markets. This is only the beginning of the much-awaited growth of decentralized CDs in DeFi.

Master Ventures, a blockchain-focused Venture Studio, understands this continuous growth by supporting CDzExchange, a cross-chain crypto derivatives exchange. Master Ventures is a venture studio that builds the next generation of infrastructure companies to drive blockchain adoption. The company brings together visionary ideas, exceptional talent, and investment capital to support world-changing companies, now including CDzExchange.

CDzExchange is a decentralized cross-chain derivatives exchange on Binance Smart Chain. The DeFi platform is solving the core issues of high fees and slow transactions on decentralized exchanges. It’s addressing the lack of user-friendly cross-chain solutions in DeFi in order to create more access to interoperable DeFi opportunities.

Through cross-chain integrations and the growth of decentralized CDs trading, CDzExchange will help unlock billions of untapped capital across different blockchain protocols. CDs will no longer be just a billion dollar market with the support of robust trading platforms and ease of access.

As part of the long term collaboration, Kyle Chasse, Master Disruptor at Master Ventures, has joined the CDzExchange advisory board to provide expert guidance in the fast-growing DeFi industry.

“We are very excited to welcome Master Ventures, who are with us to support and accelerate the growth of crypto derivatives and cross-chain in the DeFi sector”, says DJ Sam, core CDzExchange team member.

<text-h2> About CDzExchange <text-h2>

CDzExchange is a cross-chain decentralized derivatives exchange built on Binance Smart Chain. The DeFi platform aims to enable fast and low-cost swaps, liquidity mining, staking, and crypto derivatives trading that leverages the expansive cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

<text-h2>About Master Ventures<text-h2>

Master Ventures is a private, blockchain-focused venture capital firm and incubator. The company has a large proprietary network of in-house active management, analysts, and developers. They combine visionary ideas, exceptional talent, and investment capital to build and grow revolutionary blockchain businesses.

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