Aug 19

EXCLUSIVE: 2021 World's Hottest NFT Launch on Refinable!

EXCLUSIVE: 2021 World's Hottest NFT Launch on Refinable!

After smashing records with the recently concluded outta this world CDzExchange IDO launch on PAID Ignition, the DJs of DeFi bring to you the world’s hottest, most exclusive and number 1 NFT launch in 2021!

We’re talking first generation, never seen or heard before, triple threat NFTs — DJs of DeFi (DoD) NFTs, launching exclusively on Refinable!

This is certainly one to blow your mind. If you thought the CDzExchange IDO launch was the bomb, you’re ‘bout to be hit with something bigger!

The DoD NFT is a first of its kind! Highly customisable, AR filters, 3D collectibles professionally designed by former Snapchat lead designers. Each DoD Avatar has its unique visual attributes and features.

You asked and we have responded! You wanted to be part of the pseudonymous economy, now you get the chance! Own your online identity with the special AR filter lens DoD OG NFT Avatar.

Each NFT comes with unique, usable utility tied to CDzExchange, access to the DJs of DeFi (DoD) community, Web3 applications, ventures and real life events. It is SICK AF!

Here’s where it gets wild — You get utility like you’ve never seen before. Cryptopunks, Pudgy Penguins? Scratch that. DoD NFT Avatars are the real deal. Holders get special staking rewards exclusively on CDzExchange. Yep! If you earned CDZ from the Pre-IDO Launchpool, hold em because you’re ‘bout to get more than you bargained for.

<text-h2>More Juice? <text-h2>

The DoD NFT Avatars come in three levels:

1) The OG

The OG Avatar NFT is the genesis avatar. A collectible with unique AR filters and loaded with special benefits. In addition, it will receive 10% royalty from all 2,000 disciples minted and sold. The OG Avatar launches today and available via an exclusive auction only on Refinable until Tuesday, August 24th. It’s about to get lit friends!


Expertly iterated and customized from the OG avatar, Masters share all unique features of the OG Avatar. However, there are only 10 Masters minted, and will not be sold. Yep! You can only earn Masters by owning a Disciple NFT and performing DoD and CDzExchange related tasks that bring value to the community.


Disciples are generative 2D collections derived from the OG NFT. There will be only 2,000 Disciples per OG and each mint will be entirely unique. The Disciples are the only pathway to earn the Masters avatars. To get one of the 10 Masters minted, you must own at least one Disciple and perform specific tasks.

<text-h2> Exclusive Offer for the CDzExchange Community!  <text-h2>

If you were thinking about pulling out your staked CDZ from the Pre-IDO Launchpool, think again! Or if you’re not sure about what to do with your CDZ, you stand to be part of one of the dopest NFT launches of the year.

All you have do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Harvest your CDZ rewards from the Pre-IDO Launchpool
  2. Stake 9,999 CDZ for 4 weeks
  3. Submit the whitelist form

Earn CDZ while staking AND get a guaranteed whitelist for a DoD NFT!

That’s all you have do to get your share of the first DoD NFT collection. It’s easy and you get more value than you anticipated.

…and one more thing: to boost the NFT launch and simultaneously show our token of appreciated for the Pre-IDO Launchpool participants, we will be burning 1.7% of the entire CDZ token supply. This is roughly equal to the total Pre-IDO Launchpool CDZ rewards for the community.

Burned tokens will be taken from the Growth and Referral Programs allocation, which makes up 5% of the total supply. More burn details and proof will be announced.

Hop on the DoD NFT website for more info!

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