August 4th

DJs of DeFi on

Djs of DeFi on

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In a recent article published on Entrepreneur about “pseudonymity” and innovation in the DeFi space, the DJs of DeFi stood out as a great example for the relevance of a pseudonymous economy.

As written in the original piece, “DJs of DeFi is an example of how pseudonymous identities are used to personify decentralized technologies during live-streamed podcasts and teleconferences. Similar to the concept of masked DJs — who are known more through their music than their actual identity — the concept behind DJs of DeFi is to help technology entrepreneurs discuss ideas and passion without the burden of bias.”

Creating a pseudonymous economy in DeFi, not only maintains privacy, it also gives room for actual freedom of expression without being subject to various forms of online negativity. It’s the freedom to focus on the ideas themselves and encourage active voices no matter who you are.

The article emphasized the need for a pseudonymous economy and how it can be used to transfer wealth & reputation, personalise business ideas, and also to make discussing innovative ideas more captivating.

Read the full article on how pseudonymity can foster innovations in the modern age

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