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CDzExchange AMA Recap!

CDzExchange AMA Recap!

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On Thursday, September 9th, we held a live AMA on the DJs of DeFi YouTube channel. Hosted by MC Liquid and Choppa, the community got a chance to ask questions about live updates on the project.

<text-h2>Where we are at <text-h2>

The journey so far has been exciting! Since our IDO on August 13th we had since then over 20M $CDZ staked on in the $CDZ farming pool. All competition winners from the lead up to the IDO have had their prizes distributed, as of this recap posting.

We recently conducted a Token Burn (1.7% of total supply). Total burn is equal to the amount of CDZ farmed in the pre-IDO Launchpool. We have also recently announced the release of our Swap and Liquidity Pools.

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We’d like to appreciate all of you community members who joined in live and sent in questions. You rock! If you missed out on some of the top questions, here are some highlights from the AMA session.

<text-h2>AMA Questions<text-h2>

Q: Will the burn ever stop?

We have plans to continue to add deflationary tokenomics to the CDZ ecosystem. So in that case, burns will not stop. They will slow down to a sustainable level in the future though. Right now, burns play an important role in levelling the market and providing the deflationary pressure required to keep price action healthy and to reward our community and CDZ token holders.

Q: What makes CDzExchange special?

Easily accessible Cross-Chain Crypto Derivatives (CDs) is something that has not yet been fully achieved in the DeFi and this is what we are building. This is a really ambitious project — it takes a lot of time and effort to build out a DEX with substantial CDs trading products. We are incredibly excited and passionate about what we are building because the long term impact will far outweigh the short term patience required.

Q: How are the team working on creating value for holders whilst CDZ emissions continue to be dumped on the open market?

One of the largest and most proven methods to creating value for holders is implementing deflationary tokenomics. In addition, we are currently working on an updated product roadmap with alternative features that will enhance our existing staking, liquidity mining and swap functions, along with our original roadmap on perpetual trading.

Q: Why did Liquidity going live remove 300% APY from the staking pool?

This is due to the liquidity mining pool emissions being split across both the staking pool and the liquidity mining pool. The drop is due to the emissions now being distributed between two rewards programs for both staking and liquidity providers.

Q: Will there be more intense marketing activities coming?

Yeap! We’re gonna have more marketing activities promoting the Liquidity Competition. Although, at the moment, the focus is on product development and providing value to our existing holders and investors, you can be sure more marketing activities are underway!

Big ups to MC Liquid and DJ Choppa for holding it down at the AMA session. They answered all questions with depth and professionalism. If you missed out and still watch the full session, head on to the YouTube channel for a firsthand experience.

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